Sarah Leslie is a widely recognised Australian artist. Leslie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design from Monash University in 1992. Leslie’s decorative, highly detailed paintings are known for their vibrant, organic imagery – combining traditional painting techniques with contemporary design and illustrative styles. Leslie’s images present a world where everything is cohesive and calm. No part of the picture plane is without consideration, and her play on negative and positive space captivates the viewer. Using a mixture of materials, including synthetic polymer paint, watercolour, pen and oil paint, she embroiders her world on Italian Cotton Canvas or timber panels. Leslie’s focus on nature and the botanical world interpret peace and beauty through subtle layers, and her sense of colour and scale provide balance while she plays with space. Her palette is muted kaleidoscopic as she explores the play of light on her subjects. Layered patterning and fragile shapes revive memories of childhood and Australian fauna and flora.


Sarah has had extensive experience across several disciplines of design, including graphic design, textile design, jewellery and apparel as well as her various exhibitions of her paintings over the last 12 years. Leslie has had 3 very successful exhibitions selling out her solo exhibition in 2004.



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