Sarah Leslie is an abstract artist who’s work is inspired by her love of the natural world and her interpretation of the botanic world around her.

Her work is often identified by the many subtle transparent layers that play with space and depth and her botanic forms, both abstract and figurative. Sarah creates an interplay between the graphic elements in her compositions, ‘windows’ of organic runs of paint are visible through layers of delicate translucent oil colour. The works evoking a sense of the natural elements and leading the viewer into her seductive and beautiful world.


Sarah, a qualified Graphic Designer who has a background in advertising, fashion and textile design, draws from her extensive experience, exploring balance, colour and form evident in each of her original paintings.


A Subtle Luminosity of Colour
Sarah Leslie’s paintings are imbued with a subtle luminosity of colour which combines with an engaging sense of form to entice the eye into realms of gentle pleasure. Her colours are light and bright, expressing an optimism picked up in the rhythmic interplay of organic shapes, circles and ovoids. Beguiled by the initial impression of simplicity, transparent forms and overlapping colours provide a visual complexity to captivate the eye and mind, and set them on their journey of enquiry. Paint raining down the surfaces of her paintings increases both their flatness and their sense of the third dimension, creating an ambiguous sense of space and movement, again playing lightly with visual paradoxes.
Botanic forms of branches, leaves and buds, are derived from childhood memories of printed fabrics from the 1960s and contemporary experiences. Leslie, however, is equally in the thrall of nature, the transcience of the seasons and atmospheric moments are caught in her web, as the transparent veils of colour imitate ‘the play of natural light on the botanic forms’, as she describes it. The idea is developed differently in each of her works, the matt surface giving way to the glossy, super smooth, the colours shot through windows, the momentary is held within the structure of her design.
Design is the strongest element in her work, as to be expected, for Leslie graduated from Monash University in Graphic Design. Much of her initial experimentation and design is completed on her computer, a medium of which she has great command. While it permeates, it does not dominate her painterly exploration of the complexities of illusionistic space, rhythmic movement, and the visual delight of colour and texture. Her work has much to offer in maturity of style combined with a ready command of colour and design, her paintings full of an assurance that one associates with an experienced painter. 
David Thomas, Melbourne


If you would like to get in touch, please email: sarah@sarahleslieart.com